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rebelheartalien's Journal

Michael Guerin
29 October 1983
External Services:
  • rebelheartalien@livejournal.com
Character Name: Michael Guerin
Fandom: Roswell
Email Address: avarielwings @ gmail.com
Voicemail Link: http://rebelheartalien.livejournal.com/7708.html
Living Arrangements: Room 512, with Brooke Davis

Classes, Spring Semester:
Maths for Real Life (Beaubier, Monday Period 1)
World Mythology (Atreides, Monday Period 2)
Criminal Justice (As Taught by a Criminal) (Deadpool, Monday Period 3)
Fandom Invasions - A History of and Tips for Surviving (Winchester, Thursday Period 4)

In terms of appearance, Michael is tall, white, handsome in a puppy-doggish way, with brown spiky hair and brown eyes. He's sixteen, and the boy has a chip on his shoulder big enough to be a plank. He's actually not a bad kid, he's just (justifiably, in his homeworld) paranoid and angry at the entire world. This often includes Max and Isabel, his fellow extraterrestrials, despite them being his best and only friends. He will react to everyone who isn't Isabel with general distrust until they work their way into his good graces, which may not take all that long depending on who they are (by which I mean, pretty girls being nice to him might have the best chances). He also has a liiiittle bit of a problem with authority, as well as a hair-trigger temper.

To begin with, he'll be something of a withdrawn loner, but I'm sure Isabel will be able to convince him to be more social before too long, as well as anyone who may decide to make a project of him - he'll come out and take part in things just to prove them wrong. He's quietly intelligent and likes to read (though he won't willingly admit it to just anyone), and he'll attend all his classes in FH (unlike in Roswell, but there were reasons for that) and participate as and when he's called on. He'll especially enjoy literature and history related classes - his favourite book is canonically Joyce's Ulysses, to the point where he can recite sections of it when challenged.

At or near the point in canon he comes from, Michael has been shown to levitate things, throw a football player across a room with a shove, jam a locker door with his mind, change what's written on a piece of paper and cause uncontrollable itching in a chosen victim. Other things that may come up are precognitive/telepathic flashes when he touches a significant object or gets emotionally and physically close to someone, pyrokinesis, the ability to blow things up, the ability to open any lock, including high-tech handprint ones, and the ability to change his fingerprints, and that's just for starters. However, he will need a lot more control of his powers before he can do most of those things. At the present time, he tends to pretend he hasn't got any, except in high-emotion situations or when he thinks he can use them without being noticed.

One thing he cannot do is drink more than the smallest amount of alcohol. It will put him into a great deal of whole-body pain and send his senses into overdrive. He doesn't know this yet.

Michael is coming to Fandom in an attempt to actually finish high school, rather than dropping out at seventeen as he does in canon. The situation he's leaving behind is really, really not a good one - coming from somewhere before the start of the first season, he lives with his foster father, who not to put too fine a point on it, is an emotionally abusive drunk who smacks him around. This is a good part of the reason for his attitude to the world and his poor performance in school.